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Review: 'Million Eyes II, The Unraveller' by C.R. Berry.

Our two main characters in the tale are Archaeologist Dr Samantha Lester and Adam Bryant, an unlikely pair who take the reader on the trip of a lifetime. As you might have guessed, Million Eyes II The Unraveller is the second book in the series. But for those who’ve not read Book I there’s no need to worry, for there’s enough backstory provided throughout that new readers can easily catch up.

Beginning with an impossible discovery by archaeologist Samantha, our heroes lead a madcap adventure back and forth through time. There are characters from throughout history re-imagined in this enjoyable romp, and you can always tell a good book when the pages apparently turn themselves. I, for one, was soon entranced.

Without giving too much away, my favourite parts have to be the startling discovery about the twin princes thought to have been murdered in the Tower of London, and the biblical tale of Jesus - all of which are given a fresh perspective. I was also fascinated by the scene concerning the AI of a car, something I can easily see becoming a worry in the future.

With excellent characterisation throughout, this is a superb historical frolic and a greatly enjoyable read.


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