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Short Stories

‘A Handful of Stars’ – short story, Escape Velocity Anthology 

The Yellow, (SF) BBR – ‘Back Brain Recluse #7’ 1987

The Magician’s Assistant, (Fantasy) ‘Auguries #10’ 1987

The Sins Of Billy Shane, (horror) ‘Dream Magazine #8’ 1986

Hadin’s Castle, (Horror) ‘Haunts’ (USA) 1986 & ‘New Moon Quarterly #5’ 1985

The Trouble with Theasus, (SF) ‘BBR #11’ 1987

The Medallion, (Fantasy) ‘BBR #6’ 1986

That Man Downstairs, (SF/horror) ‘Dream #19’ 1987

The Jailbird, (SF) ‘BBR #9’ 1990

Earth Fleet Rising, (SF) ‘Dream #10’ 1987

The Judas Tree, (SF) ‘BBR #15’

Robins, (SF) ‘Auguries #4’Anthology 1987

Living in The Starships Shadow, (SF) Dream #13 1987

Faces In The Sky, (SF) Kalkion August 2010 

Born Out Of Fear, (real life) Sept 2010 

Guardians, (SF) Kalkion Oct 2010: 

Understanding Lee, (SF) ‘Write To Fight’ Anthology, raising funds for children’s karate team to participate in European championships, January 2010:

The Cult Of Adam, (SF) ‘Monk Punk’ Anthology January 2011 – ‘Monk Punk’ Anthology 

Someone Cried Tonight, (Fantasy) Accepted, details pending

The Ghosts of Lyn, (SF) Accepted, details pending

The Day the Rains Came, (SF) Accepted, details pending

Mark Iles science fiction
Mark Iles short story
Mark Iles short story
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