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A Joint Project

I appreciate that this is my first blog for quite a while but, fear not, I’ve been writing constantly and now have a new novel out there that's on a mission to find an agent.

I’ve started a new project, which is my first co-authored book. On top of this, I’ve been working on the veterans writing site, please visit to check it all out. If there are any veterans or serving members out there who’d like to be part of this group, please do drop me a line.

My current Writing Process

I can get an idea for a project at any time, often waking from a nightmare and writing ideas down. I know that if I don’t the thread will be lost when I wake again, so (like so many others) I keep a notepad and pen besides my bed.

When I’ve considered the note for a while, I’ll write down the outline of a few chapters – usually the first couple and the last, and then I just write and the story develops as I do so. I used to go back and edit constantly, but found myself doing this over and over until the tale stagnated. Also, as the story progressed I’d have to go back and change those chapters yet again.

What I do now is just add comment boxes, or a paragraph or so in red at the end of the chapter. I’ve found that this way I’m far more prolific, and the story writes itself.


In this current WIP, my fellow writer is none other than Jason Kurt Easter, a fantasy writer (in one of his many hats) who I met and worked with during my degree. All I’ll say is that this could be considered an SFF thriller that we have high hopes for.

Co-authoring, however, needs a different process. I have to accept that most (if not all) of the chapters need an outline, so that each other knows what they have to write and what the story is so far. Of course we also read each other’s work chapters prior to commencing our own pieces, so that the story flows smoothly. If we have any questions or suggestions we email and put comments on the chapters in question.

We aim to finish the first rough draft in 2-3 months, with a completed version at 6 months. So watch

this space.

Parallel Projects

I’m also currently putting together another short story collection. This is in the self-editing phase, so I’m hoping to have several books out sometime later this year, with a target of at least one book per year thereafter.

In the meantime, do checkout my already published works here, and see Jason's links below.

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