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New Site, New Projects

Following the loss of my previous website I've decided to re-blog some of the material I had there. To say that this loss was catastrophic is an understatement, as I had literally years of material saved on it and those of who blog themselves will know how much work goes into it - thankfully I had backups. Many of my published features also disappeared and I've yet to decide whether to post those again too.

Since the publication of Roar of Lions I've been working on a new project, as yet untitled. I'm five chapters in and loving it. For the first time this is full-length Science Fiction & Fantasy. I've written shorts before but nothing of this scale. With science fiction you have limits of what you can and can't do, with this current work there aren't any - and it's as if someone has taken the anchors off (an old matelot's simile). To be frank I'm loving the freedom. So, watch this space.

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