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Book Review: 'Abigail's Window', by Susan Lynn Solomon

I’ve read Susan’s work before and have always found it gripping stuff. This is no exception. Written in the first person, ‘Abigail’s Window’ tells the tale of Katy, who’s taken on a holiday to the ‘Niagara Inn’ by friends Andrea and Ronnie. It’s done as an attempt to cheer Katie up, following a troublesome relationship – something that will resonate with many of us. Tugs at the heartstrings aside, this is in fact a ghostly tale that’s simply brimming with atmosphere.

I loved the way Susan plays on the senses, from the smell of bread from a bakery that no longer exists, the whispering that Katie can hear but her friends cannot, the sound of ghostly footsteps and creaks on the stairs. It’s the subtle touches that pull you in, such as the engagement ring that remains stuck fast to Katy’s finger despite all attempts to remove it, the details of the book ‘Anna Karenina’ laid beside a window where one can sit and read peacefully in the dark snowy evenings (one gets the impression the author loves this book), and details such as ‘the walls painted a deep historic green’. It’s written so effortlessly that you can’t help but become immersed in the tale. The ghostly happenings keep the pages turning, and it’s hard to repress a shudder or three.

This is a haunting book, but also one filled with hope. ‘Abigail’s Window’ will stay with readers long after it’s finished with. Well done Susan Lynn Solomon, another superb book to your credit.

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